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Brandon Adams

Brandon Adams Brandon Adams teaches a course at Harvard called “The US in the World Economy” and has recently finished a book titled “Setting Sun: The End of Economic Dominance”. He’s previously published a poker novel (“Broke: A Poker Novel”) and co-authored a book on behavioral finance (“The Story of Behavioral Finance”, with Brian Finn).

Brandon has appeared on over sixty poker TV show on NBC, ESPN, and ESPN2, and the Game Show Network. Over the past six years, he’s logged over one thousand hours in very high buy-in live poker games ($50k and higher minimum buy-in).

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Brian Finn

Brian Finn Brian Finn graduated from Harvard in 2006 where he wrote vaguely right wing economic editorials for “The Crimson” and coauthored “The Story of Behavioral Finance” with Brandon Adams. After college, he did a short stint in the White House at the National Economic Council where everyone was very excited about the future of housing before landing a job on a mortgage trading desk at Deutsche Bank where everyone was less excited about the future of housing. After watching the world collapse at Deutsche Bank, he went on to Columbia Business School where he will graduate in the Spring.

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Jaeson Rosenfeld

Jaeson Rosenfeld Jaeson is CEO of StatDNA, a startup company that collects detailed sports data and applies advanced analytical techniques. Previously, he served as a consultant at McKinsey from 1995-2009 where he worked primarily with McKinsey’s economics research think tank, the McKinsey Global Institute. In this capacity he was responsible for creating advanced analytical techniques for economics research and in leading global teams of researchers to apply them. He is also a co-founder of Digital Divide Data, a social enterprise whose mission is to help the world’s poorest benefit from Information Technology; DDD currently employees 500 disadvantaged people in its operating centers in Cambodia and Laos. He is founder and co-owner of an e-commerce company, Whoopass Enterprises, that makes custom bobblehead dolls. Jaeson earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor and graduate degrees from the London School of Economics and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. In his free time he enjoys playing golf, watching sports, and playing with his three kids and three dogs.

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